Deutsches Hafenmuseum

Theater der Welt 2017

Die Welt spielt Hafen
An installation of the Deutsches Hafenmuseum in the context of Theater der Welt 2017

In a few years time, the museum landscape will be enriched by the Deutsches Hafenmuseum in Hamburg. The Stiftung Historische Museen Hamburg plans, realises and operates this extraordinary foundation of a museum that renders the central function of Hamburg’s harbour.

Since the development and the construction of the museum will still take some time, while the issue is already of high relevance for many people living in Hamburg, there will be a first “exhibition-installation“ on the plaza of the Elbphilharmonie during Theater der Welt 2017 – which has the harbour as its point of departure and leitmotif. The idea of this is to draw a line between (theater)play and the harbour, between the people of Hamburg and „their“ new museum.

The installation „Die Welt spielt Hafen“ is composed of a globe, designed by the exhibition office Kobler & Holzer, that is covered by maritime playthings in a seemingly plentiful arrangement. The objects are used but also new, donated by people of Hamburg or provided by various toy manufacturers. Within the installation, those objects are, in a symbolic manner, directed towards the future museum.

25.05. - 11.06. / 9:00 - 24:00
Plaza, Elbphilharmonie, Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, 20457 Hamburg



Thalia Theater

Im Gespräch: Die Autoren Édouard Louis und Didier Eribon

Die französischen Bestsellerautoren Édouard Louis, „Das Ende von Eddy“
(Premiere 19. Juni, Gauß Garage) und Didier Eribon, dessen Buch Rückkehr nach Reims („Rétour à Reims“, 2009) 2016 in deutscher Übersetzung erschien, laden zum Gespräch in die Thalia Gaußstraße.
„Rückkehr nach Reims“, Didier Eribons „überragend aufschlussreiches, dazu auch menschlich anrührendes Buch“ (SZ) ist Roman und soziologische Studie zugleich. Anhand der eigenen Familie erzählt der Soziologe und Autor von der tiefen Enttäuschung und Verunsicherung der im Stich gelassenen Arbeiterklasse. Wie kommt es dazu, dass sie, ehemalige Wähler der Kommunistischen Partei, heute durch die Unterstützung rechter Parteien gegen ihre eigenen Interessen stimmen?
In ihren autobiographisch geprägten Romanen berichten Édouard Louis und Didier Eribon von ihrer Kindheit in der französischen Provinz, dem Hass eines nach Rechts orientierten Milieus auf Fremdes und auf Andersdenkende. Beiden, Eribon und Louis, ist ein sozialer Aufstieg aus ihrem ursprünglichen familiären Umfeld, einer Arbeiterfamilie, gelungen und sie zählen heute zu den führenden Intellektuellen Frankreichs.
Moderation und Übersetzung: Hanna Klimpe

11.06. / 18:15
Thalia Gaußstraße, Ballsaal
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Das letzte Kleinod

Theater der Welt 2017

Documentary-Theater on rails about an expedition on the South-Atlantic

Thousands of people gathered in the ports as the research vessel Meteor left for sea in the spring of 1925. In two and a half years the ship would cruise the South-Atlantic in 13 ship crossings, researching upon the flows of the ocean. Meteor gives an exciting inside-view in the working conditions of the scientists and life onboard, then and now. The performance will take place in the Oceanblue Train at the operative train station ´Betriebsbahnhof´ in Hamburg.

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Betriebsbahnhof Hamburg Hbr., Bankstraße 43, 20097 Hamburg Location



Theater der Welt 2017

© Sinje Hasheider

A biographical and documentary theatre project with former port workers

A collaboration between the Hafenmuseum Hamburg and the Ohnsorg-Theater
Production and script: Michael Uhl, staging and costumes: Anna Sörensen/Lili Wanner, music: Frank Wacks

The Port of Hamburg works day and night. Goods from all over the world pass through the terminal – and with them the stories of the people who help those goods reach their destinations. It is a vibrant hub, pulsing with life. From break-bulk cargo to container ports, from sailing ships to steam ships – ports have always been subject to constant change, and port workers always experience these changes at first hand. Some former port workers now volunteer at the Hafenmuseum Hamburg. This port museum is located in the middle of the free port, where South American cargo traffic was handled until the late 1960s. They tell tales of their work on the water and a century of goods handling, shipping, shipbuilding and marine technology, and breathe fresh life into the old stories of bargemen and crane operators.
Five former port workers joined director Michael Uhl on an exciting journey. Together, they have developed an evening of theatre about their lives at the port, then and now: “A powerful piece of Hamburg history” (Hamburger Abendblatt).

02., 04., 05., 08., 09. & 11. Juni / 18:00 – 21:00
Meeting Point: Überseebrücke – Barkassenfahrt zum Hafenmuseum (nicht barrierefrei)
25 Euro / erm. 12,50 Euro // in German language
Funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and supported by Barkassen-Meyer, the Hapag-Lloyd Foundation, HHLA and Hamburg Süd

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Theater der Welt 2017

© Sinje Hasheider

by B. Traven
Director: Clara Weyde

Europe 1926. The young American sailor Gole misses his ship, loses his papers and is deported as stateless. Completely exhausted, he hires onto the Yorikke steamship – a floating scrap heap manned by a “dead” crew, people without papers. Life-threatening work characterizes the daily life of the stateless.

03.06. / 8:15 pm – 10:45 pm
04.06. / 7:00 pm– 9:30 pm
Lichthof Theater
18 Euro / erm. 12 Euro // In german Language

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Theater der Welt 2017

© Reiner Kruse

A theatre project about migrants

By Matteo Marsan / Dania Hohmann / Ulrich Waller
With: Adriana Altaras, Daniela Morozzi
Directed by: Matteo Marsan / Dania Hohmann / Ulrich Waller // Designed by: Georg&Paul // Costume Designer: Bettina Proske

When young men left central and southern Italy for Germany in the 1950s, Modugno’s ‘Amara Terra Mia’ (‘Bitter land of mine’) was the emigrants’ anthem. Among those emigrating was Agatino Rossi from Tuscany, an extremely poor region at the time. Via Hamburg, Agatino ultimately ended up working for Volkswagen in Wolfsburg. It is there, following his death, that two women meet at the crematorium. They have never seen each other before. Both want to collect Agatino’s ashes. It quickly becomes clear that Agatino had two families – one in Germany and one in Italy, and that the two women are half-sisters.  Together, they trace the life of their father, which bridges two countries, two languages and two cultures. At a time marked by migration, this play looks back to the first big immigration wave that changed Germany. ‘Amara Terra Mia’, which premiered in the summer at the Ruhrfestspiele, is the second play by this Italian-German directing team. The first was ‘Albicocche rosse’ (‘Blood apricots’), an evening about the massacre of German soldiers in a Tuscan village.

A joint production: Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen / St. Pauli Theater, Hamburg / Teatro Alfieri Castelnuovo Berardenga (I) / Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg / With support from the Goethe Institut, Rome.

05.06. / 22:00-23:10
06.06. / 19:30-20:40
St. Pauli Theater
25 Euro / erm. 12,50 Euro

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Theater der Welt 2017

© Matthias Seidel


Françoise Hüsges

Ahmed Soura was born in Burkina Faso. Roland Walter has been disabled since birth and finds it difficult to control his limbs. The director Francoise Hüsges brings two different lives and destinies together. In addition to the exclusion that both dancers have grown used to whether because of their physical limitations or their skin colour, they are united by something vital. In their performance, they create a moving sculpture of similarity. 

31.05. – 03.06. / 21:00 – 22:00
VVK 15,90 Euro / erm 13,40 Euro AK 16,50 Euro / erm. 14  Euro

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Cockpit evenings

Theater der Welt, the world is coming to Hamburg. How wonderful. But what is the world? What do I mean, when I say this word? Which images come to my mind when I hear the word? How big is the map of the world and are we lost in it? Are our certainties illusory, or is it only me who does not know where we are heading? Am I just to small to grasp their complexity?
Isn't just this the right moment for departure, but where...
"Wohin fährst du, Marianne?" is a collective search with and by Sebastian Rudolph, Alicia Aumüller, Silke Rudolph, Giacomo Veronesi, Johanna Luise Witt, Sophie Klenk-Wulff, based on the experiences of an artistic expedition. A travel on a sailing boat. 
Yes, the world is coming to Hamburg, she is a one-time guest. The world is slowly turning towards us, in a bit, we will be in her center. At this very moment, the artists will get the chance to create a new world in a playful manner. To re-design her flags, discover oceans, re-name the stars and relocate her borders.
How wonderful.
This is why we need to depart from here, in order to become a part of this world too. This was the thought of the equipe of the sailing yacht Marianne.
Hence, they made plans: "wir verlassen die Stadt für einige Tage, wir erfinden etwas zusammen, was auch immer, und wenn wir dann wieder zurück kommen, spielen wir es vor, direkt im Hafen, auf unserem Schiff."
No sooner said than done, they turned their back to Hamburg, the center of the world, in order to cut the Gordian knot on a small sailing boat on the Baltic Sea.

01. & 02.06. / 8:30 pm
Museumshafen Övelgönne, Ponton Neumühlen, 22763 Hamburg

07. & 08.06. / 8:30 pm
Citysportboothafen, Ponton Neumühlen, 22763 Hamburg

Free admission. Capacity: 8 people
Registration at: +49 (0)40 32 81 44 44



Concert and poetry for an open world at the port
A month before the most powerful leaders of the world discuss the future of our planet at the G20 conference in Hamburg, artists are making their voices heard: with the singer Hussein Atfa, who fled Syria, and the Chor zu Welt, the Swedish/South African duo Fjarill, Canan Uzerli from Turkey, the cabaret artist Lutz von Rosenberg Lipinsky and others.
08.06. / 8:00 pm (admittance 7:30 pm)
Hauptkirche St. Katharinen 
Advanced sales 15 Euro / Box office 18 Euro  


Hamburg International Short Film Festival

Theater der Welt 2017

© Jörg Wagner

A trading centre, a place for arrivals and departures, a place one longs to be. With its myths and magical excesses, Hamburg port seems to write a short film script all by itself. The International Short Film Festival Hamburg is showing two short film blocks in collaboration with Theater der Welt 2017. These experimental documentary films follow migration and goods routes and bring the port’s social fabric to the big screen using historical objects.

31.05. / 19:00 KörberForum
Eintritt frei Anmeldung unter www.koerberforum.de

04.06. / 18:00 & 20:00 Baakenhöft, MS Stubnitz
8,50 Euro

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Kornél Mundruczó – 
“What is this story about the odyssey of a dog that starts like a children’s film, turns into a dramatic adventure, transforms into a horror trip and ends with a fragile utopian outlook?” (Die Zeit) Theater der Welt 2017 is showing Kornél Mundruczó’s staging of Hauptmann’s DIE WEBER.
26.05. / 8:00 pm Follow-up discussion with Kornél Mundruczó 
27.05. / 5:00  pm
Feature film / Hungarian with German subtitles

Leyla Bouzid – 
This film, which received a prize in Cannes, among others, by the Tunisian Leyla Bouzid tells the story of an 18-year-old in Tunis before the “Arab Spring” who wants to become a musician against her parents’ will. One of the leading roles in this vibrant portrait of a young woman who opposes male structures and is suddenly faced with reality is played by the actress and musician Ghalia Benali; she will be giving a concert on 28.5 at Kampnagel.
29.05. / 8:00 pm Follow-up discussion with actress and singer Ghalia Benali 
30.05. / 5:00 pm
Arabic with German and French subtitles

Christian Hornung – 
A portrait of historic St. Pauli, its bars and guests. “An unbelievably charming film about a world that will soon cease to exist.” (NDR)
30.05. / 8:00 pm Follow-up discussion with Christian Hornung 
31.05. / 8:00 pm
Documentary film / German with English subtitles
Fatih Akin – 
Fatih Akin’s film about the “Soul Kitchen” in Wilhelmsburg, which is now closed, tells the story of the rise of a simple snack stand to an “in” scene locale where soon completely other things took place.
05.06. / 8:00 pm Follow-up discussion with guests
06.06. / 5:00 pm
Feature film / German with English subtitles
Irene Bude, Olaf Sobczak and Steffen Jörg 
This film give an impressive look at numerous demonstrations, subversive actions, brush mobs and city meetings surrounding the Esso houses residents and their supporters’ hot battle.
07.06. / 8:00 pm Follow-up discussion with guests
08.06. / 5:00 pm
Documentary film / German without subtitles

Christiane Jatahy – 
Christmas Eve. Five actors meet in a house and film themselves with three hand-held cameras. They are waiting for someone. It is a film that hovers between reality and fiction, and captures the tension between five friends while they are waiting. Theater der Welt 2017 is showing Christiane Jatahy’s MOVING PEOPLE. 
09.06. / 5:00 pm Follow-up discussion with Christiane Jatahy 
10.06. / 5:00 pm
Feature film / Portuguese with English subtitles

Tickets at the Abaton Kino or at www.abaton.de  



Herman Melville, Jack London, Robert Louis Stevenson, Joseph Conrad, Victor Hugo, Mark Twain – classic world literature is inconceivable without ports, ships, rivers and oceans. And today? The Harbour Front Literaturfestival presents literature at Theater der Welt 2017.  
„You never get used to suffering.“ – a doctor on Lampedusa 
Lampedusa is the venue for one of the largest human catastrophes of our time. And Pietro Bartolo has become a heroic symbol of the island. His book, “Tears of Salt”, which he wrote together with the RAI journalist Lidia Tilotta, is the moving and disturbing story of a doctor whose humanity is an example for us all. Pietro Bartolo is one of the main characters in the Oscar-nominated documentary film “Fire at Sea” by Gianfranco Rosi. The journalist Udo Gumpel will introduce the authors in a talk; in addition, selections from the documentary “Fire at Sea” will be shown.
In cooperation with the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Amburgo.
30.05. / 8:00 pm Kühne Logistics University 
14 Euro / reduced 9 Euro 

A sea journey through world literature: actors of the Thalia Theater read from highly renowned new translations by Joseph Conrad, Arthur Conan Doyle, „Dairy of an Arctic Adventure“; Jack London, „The Cruise of the Snark“; Herman Melville, „Moby Dick“; Victor Hugo, „Toilers of the Sea“; Robert Louis Stevenson, „Treasure Island“ und Mark Twain, „Tom Sawyer“. Maike Schiller (Hamburger Abendblatt) will lead through the evening.
An evening in cooperation with the mareverlag.
31.05. / 8:00 pm Thalia Theater, Nachtasyl 
14 Euro / reduced 9 Euro 

„Vom Wasser“ – the rich facets of an element of life
Since he wrote his novel „Vom Wasser“, John von Düffel is considered the water and swimming expert among authors. He has repeatedly enlivened the diverse facets of this fascinating element, as in „Wassererzählungen“ but also in essayistic works such as „Schwimmen - Philosophie der Passionen“. Von Düffel will give an impression of the variety of this element by reading from numerous texts. Moderated by Catarina Felixmüller.
07.06. / 7:00 pm Baakenhöft, MS Stubnitz (the MS Stubnitz is not wheelchair-accessible)
12 Euro / reduced 9 Euro



Harbour Front Literaturfestival

Theater der Welt 2017

©Regine Mosimann/Diogenes Verlag

„Stille Wasser“ – the new Brunetti
Dizzy spell in the Questura – Brunetti ends up in Venice’s Ospedale Civile. The daily grind has taken its toll. The commissario wants to get some rest with friends in the villa with a view over the lagoon. But in the rural idyll, where he wanted to let his thoughts be pulled out onto the sea with the clouds, Brunetti is suddenly confronted with an amazing case. 
Moderated by Hans-Juergen Fink; German reader Annett Renneberg.
08.06. / 8:00 pm Thalia Theater
12 to 20 Euro / reduced 10 Euro