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Vision: Europe

Swiss artist Massimo Furlan and the dramaturg and anthropologist Claire de Ribaupierre have developed unconventional art forms that go far beyond our usual concepts of theatre. Performances in football stadiums, installations, exhibitions – and most recently the most idiosyncratic European Song Contest ever: catchy pop songs have been composed to lyrics by contemporary intellectuals from ten European nations and are then performed in competition with each other. Each of the songs represents one way of thinking about how philosophy engages with today’s society. Topics discussed include ecology, ethics and the definition of European identity. What vision can art give Europe?

In conversation Massimo Furlan, Claire de Ribaupierre and the ensemble talk about how they developed this production, which has been created in collaboration with fourteen different European theatres and festivals.
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  • Moderation: Stefan Schmidtke (Art director festival Theater der Welt 2021)

Public Talk:
Vision: Europe
23.06.21, 22:15

The public talk Vision: Europe will take place following the performance of European Philosophical Song Contest