Festival Theater der Welt
Düsseldorf 2021

Festival Centre Schauspielhaus

Focussed on the Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz, an attractive range of meeting places around the Schauspielhaus are available to spend some time and sample artistic pleasures. Here you can meet people you know, artists from every continent and lot of new people who you might know very well soon. With a programme of events including live music every night in the Weltfoyer series, at the Festival Centre you will find lectures, sound sessions, films, talks, presentations by our partner universities and, if the pandemic allows, simply parties. All the activities in and around the Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz will comply with the public health measures in force at the time that will be adapted and scrutinised on a daily basis for the safety of everyone. We look forward to your company!

The Third Space

The collective for performative architecture raumlaborberlin is a group of architects and urban planners who see their artistic interventions in public spaces as actions and temporary structural disruptions in which people are encouraged not only make to urban spaces their own but to engage with new ways of thinking in times of crisis. The idea for The Third Space came about before an unexpected event brought global air travel to a standstill and before thousands of aircraft were left standing on the concrete forecourts of international airports awaiting an uncertain future. The Third Space on the Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz is a place for you to spend some time and for everyone to meet and exchange their views.
Photo: Thomas Rabsch
Photo: Thomas Rabsch