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Gloomy and Glamourous

DJ sets to go

Female and non-binary DJs from all over the world

Female and non-binary DJs have been influencing music around the world for years. Here 12 female and non-binary musicians from countries such as Jordan, Morocco, Serbia, Scotland, Russia, Peru, Argentina and Canada will transform the Weltfoyer into the city’s largest dancefloor! Their sets will give us new energy to think about ourselves and the world.

DJ sets to go

DJ set by AYN — 17.06.2021

AYN (aka Aya Nasif) is a Techno DJ & Producer from Amman-Jordan. Her culturally rooted universal sound is infused within her progressively melodic mixes reflecting the human journey in its purest form. Bringing hypnotic groove, soul and nostalgic energy to the dance floor, AYN has played alongside leading names in the electronic music scene: Rafael Cerato, Seth Schwarz, Emanuel Satie, SAMA' and many more. 

DJ set by Foresta — 18.06.2021

FORESTA is an Izmir born, Berlin based DJ. She is member of the collective No Shade, a club night and DJ training program for femme, trans and non-binary DJs. She is known for her eclectic DJ sets including bass-heavy selections, mainly influenced by UK underground music. Her set for the Theater der Welt includes a broad selection of tracks from R&B, UKG, Breakbeat, Bass to Electro.

DJ set by Lovozero — 19.06.2021

Lovozero (Anastasia Tolchneva) – artist and musician who works at the intersection of sound, technological and performance practices. In recent years focused on the research of voice in the context of the somatic paradigm of perception. Most of the DJ set was based on various experimental vocal techniques and experimental electronic music.

DJ set by Neele Charon — 24.06.2021

Neele Charon is known as the resident DJ of the party series »Stadtkinder« at Drucklufthaus Oberhausen. Her Sets are energetic and musically diverse with a lot of tension, dynamic and playful passages.

DJ set by Saida — 25.06.2021

Saida Makhmudzade is a Berlin-based DJ, choreographer and contemporary dancer. In her electronic sets, she oscillates between shimmering, bittersweet tracks to playful, pounding beats. The search for melodic catharsis and the ever-elusive flow state shapes her cross-genre musical approach. She hopes to guide partygoers to find a collective and individual groove, both in her DJ-sets and the accompanying workshops she teaches.

DJ set by Chorbika — 26.06.2021

Chorbika is Jelena Stankovic, a Belgrade based DJ and party promoter. She started her own label Chorbika Records in 2018. Being very active within the local scene both as a DJ and as a promoter, booking some of the hottest names and labels, Chorbika is boosting in a new and distinctive vibe. Her musical style varies from techno, house, electro, disco and, depending on mood, sometimes the sounds of Africa and orient can be heard.

DJ set by Silvia Bianchi — 30.06.2021

Silvia Bianchi is co-founder of the women platform Bam Bam, a project that aims to shine a spotlight on the presence of women and members of the LGBTQI+ community in music. Based between Madrid and Berlin, she has DJ’d at Yaki-Da (Gotheborg), Radio Raheem (Milan), Hotel Paris (Paris) and Club Marabú (Barcelona) among others. Her sets are a dynamic mix of future sounds, rap and hard dancehall . During the last years she has played together with other women djs such as Tash Lc, Flaca, Venus X, Mobile Girl, ASMARA and Toxe.

DJ set by Borusiade — 01.07.2021

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Borusiade aka Miruna Boruzescu started dj-ing in 2002 as one of the very few female DJs in the city’s emerging alternative clubbing scene. Influenced by a classical musical education, a bachelor in film direction and fascinated by raw electronic sounds Borusiade combined these universes in the construction of her DJ sets and starting 2005 also in her music production. Her sound is gloomy and epic, with beats that touch one’s deepest senses on the dance-floor.

DJ set by Shushupe — 02.07.2021

One of the most prominent representatives of the electro tropical fusion of the Peruvian scene, she pioneered mixing tropical beats of the jungle with electronic music. Her lively music has been animating Peruvian night scene for the past two decades connecting ancestral Amazonian soundscapes with contemporary beats.

DJ set by Tati au Miel — 3.07.2021

Tania Daniel known as Tati au Miel is a Montreal native and haitian descent genderfluid multidisciplinary artist. Tati au Miel’s art extends beyond the usual domains of experimentation, utilizing a deconstructed approach that challenges and transforms. They are not bound to one specific genre; working with techno, punk, and industrial, they express their fluidity — to Tati au Miel, worlds of artistic exploration are infinite and transcendental.

DJ set by Sapphire Slows — 03.07.2021

Sapphire Slows is what you might call an everything-ist: she produces, DJs, plays synth and her eerie, drone-like vocals float over her tracks, embellishing their shadowy textures. After the brutal awakening of the 2011 Great East Earthquake in Japan, she was motivated to pursue a career in music. Now a notable name in Tokyo’s electronic music scene, she has toured North America, Europe, China, Australia and her home country of Japan.

DJ set by 41ISSA featuring Y.A.Z.Z — 04.07.2021

Whether Djing or curating parties, 41ISSA strives to push the boundaries of today’s nightlife experience. Featuring underground artists who work with modern sound-expressions, her goal is to present new perspectives into the mostly set environment of a club night. In her sets, she aims to create a personal groove which leads people to forget the known, and tickle out ecstatic and transient moments that make the nightlife experience worth it.

Gloomy and Glamourous – Weltfoyer After Dark
17.06.21, 23:00
Schauspielhaus, Foyer

DJ set by AYN
18.06.21, 22:00
Schauspielhaus, Foyer

19.06.21, 23:00
Schauspielhaus, Foyer

24.06.21, 23:00
Schauspielhaus, Foyer

25.06.21, 22:00
Schauspielhaus, Foyer

DJ set by SAIDA
26.06.21, 23:00
Schauspielhaus, Foyer

30.06.21, 23:00
Schauspielhaus, Foyer

01.07.21, 23:00
Schauspielhaus, Foyer

02.07.21, 23:59
Schauspielhaus, Foyer

03.07.21, 22:00
Schauspielhaus, Foyer

04.07.21, 22:30
Schauspielhaus, Foyer

DJ set by 41ISSA