Theater der Welt 2020
Düsseldorf 14. — 31. Mai
Attempt on my own life at 18 months
Christian Lapointe, Théâtre Carte blanche (P.O.R.N. (Portrait of Restless Narcissism))
Theatre maker, Québec, Canada
TDW: Who do you talk to about your work?
CL: Not so many people. Mainly the collaborators and the people that evolve in the different projects I’m in. I find myself into work a lot in my life. When I’m not doing it, I try to spare the people around me from my obsessions.

TDW: Who inspires you?
CL: I have to say that my mother is a huge inspiration for me. She’s one of these people that do sustainable home farming. Also, I have been teaching since I was 26 years old and the young artists I’ve worked with in the theatre schools were always a huge inspiration for me. Their intuition and their capacity to express the forms and the thoughts of our time have helped me to stay connected with the different era.

TDW: What music are you listening to at the moment? Name your favourite song(s)!
CL: Wolves by Phosphorescent is a song I listen to non-stop these days. Otherwise the only band I’ve listened too continuously since I was a teenager is the British band New Model Army with lead signer Justin Sullivan.

TDW:  Which book should everyone read?
CL: Petit cours d'autodéfense intellectuelle from Normand Baillargeon and
Lord of the Barnyard: Killing the Fatted Calf and Arming the Aware in the Corn Belt from Tristan Egolf.

TDW: What is too late for you now?
CL: Going back to my pre-internet brain.

TDW: What do you see when you look out of your window?
CL: A small waterfall on the offgrid land where I live.

TDW: Which socio-political topic is of most interest to you at the moment?
CL: Direct democracy

TDW: What is your first memory of being creative?
CL: As far as I can remember I’ve always performed and did acting even as a really young kid. I’ve always invented my world.

TDW: Which song do you know all the lyrics to?
TDW: Books, series or music?
CL: Books.

TDW: If series, which (Netflix) series are you watching at the moment?
CL: Dark

TDW:  Your favourite app:
CL: The off button

TDW: What superpower would you like to have?
CL: To be able to sleep for years as a way to time travel Forward

TDW:  What have you been putting off for the longest time?
CL: 22 years to quit smoking

TDW: What was the best trip you ever took?
CL: Reading Artaud for three days non-stop with an audience

TDW: What can you cook perfectly?
CL: Cheese fondue

TDW: What is the most illegal thing you have done so far?
CL: Attempt on my own life at 18 months

TDW: What are you afraid of?
CL: Eternity

TDW: What helps prevent (this) fear?
CL: Getting older

TDW: What can we learn from you?
CL: Perseverance

TDW: What are you learning right now?
CL: How to deal with being an artist in this contemporary world

TDW: Who would you like to meet?
CL: Someone from another planet

TDW: What is the most beautiful feeling?
CL: The warm spring wind after a long winter

TDW: What is your first memory?
CL: Orange

TDW: Something your parents did very well:
CL: Living at a hundred percent

TDW: Something you learned from your grandparents:
CL: Fishing

TDW: Something that you did as a child and that you feel uncomfortable with today?
CL: Filming myself doing lip-sync to Stairway to Heaven

TDW: Can you tell us who your favourite person is?
CL: Serena Gronlund

TDW: How do you get from A to B in your city?
CL: By talking with everyone I know on my way

TDW: Who do you admire?
CL: Sophie Jodoin

TDW: In the past, what did you never want to do later in life?
CL: Wear a suit

TDW: What will be better in ten years?
CL: Our knowledge of the mess where in

TDW: What is your greatest personal success?
CL: Through a citizen process initiated via theatre, stimulate the writing, by randomly selected people who represent the demography of Québec, of the first ever written Constitution and the deposition of it at the Parliament

TDW: What will remain of you?
CL: Dust

TDW: The best development in recent years?
CL: Lifestraw

TDW: What environmental issues are important to you?
CL: Everything related to water

TDW: What question would you like to ask us? 
CL: How are we gonna practice theatre in a world where burning gas and throwing away stuff is not thinkable anymore?

Monday, 18.05.
20:00 - 21:15
Komödie in der Steinstraße
Nadia Ross, Christian Lapointe
Prices: 14,25 €
Tuesday, 19.05.
20:00 - 21:15
Komödie in der Steinstraße
Nadia Ross, Christian Lapointe
Prices: 14,25 €