Alex Ivanovici, Annabel Soutar, Brett Watson (Porte Parole)

The Assembly /
Die Versammlung München

Canada, Germany / Theatre
Montreal confidently describes itself as Canada’s cultural capital. Here people from all parts of the globe live together with the French- and English-speaking Canadian population. As a nation of immigrants, Canada presents itself as home to all people equally that offers everyone an equal chance in life. Within this context, the theatre company Porte Parole deliberately seeks out encounters with people with strongly divergent attitudes. The artists of Porte Parole are convinced that political and social polarisation has never been greater and that this presents a democratically-based society with new challenges every day. With their long-term documentary theatre project LʼAssemblée / The Assembly the playwright Annabel Soutar and the actors Alex Ivanovici and Brett Watson contrast growing extremism with open discourse. Since 2017 they have been inviting people with controversial views to a non-public meeting. The transcripts of these discussions are then edited into a new, self-contained play.

The Assembly / Die Versammlung München

In its long-term documentary theatre project The Assembly, Montreal-based company Porte Parole explores divergent attitudes, democratic decision-making and the limits of listening in a polarised society. In the project’s first German version four people with very different political, professional and cultural backgrounds are invited to dinner. They discuss identity, exclusion and racism, gender equality and discriminatory speech, immigration and religion. How can people with different political views under- stand each other? Six actors then reconstruct these discussions, allowing the audience to observe surprising alliances between contradictory positions and significant differences between supposedly similar views – and they will also have the chance to express their own opinions. This project is part of Canada’s cultural programme as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2020 / 2021 and is supported by Canada Council for the Arts and the Government of Canada with additional support from the Government of Québec.

Alex Ivanovici, Annabel Soutar, Brett Watson (Porte Parole):
The Assembly / Die Versammlung München
03.07.21, 20:00 - 21:50
Schauspielhaus, Kleine Bühne
04.07.21, 18:00 - 19:50
Schauspielhaus, Kleine Bühne
Chris Abraham
Verena Regensburger
Annette Paulmann, Gina Penzkofer, Wiebke Puls, Verena Regensburger
Stage Design:
Simon Guilbault
Costume Design:
Leonard Mandl
Video Design:
Amelia Scott
Light Design:
Luc Prairie
Antoine Bédard
Mehdi Moradpour
Line Noël
Production Management (Münchener Kammerspiele):
Gina Penzkofer
Zeynep Bozbay, Nancy Mensah-Offei, Jelena Kuljić, Annette Paulmann, Wiebke Puls, Edmund Telgenkämper
Das Projekt ist Teil von Kanadas Kulturprogramm als Ehrengast der Frankfurter Buchmesse 2020 / 2021 und wird unterstützt durch den Canada Council for the Arts und die Regierung von Kanada mit zusätzlicher Unterstützung der Regierung von Quebec.

Eine Koproduktion von Münchner Kammerspiele und Porte Parole (Montreal)

In Kooperation mit dem Festival Theater der Welt Düsseldorf 2021