David Paquet

The Weight of Ants

Canada, Germany
Jeanne and Olivier’s school is officially the worst in the region.When the headteacher installs body-shaming shampoo ads in the toilets, Jeanne becomes an activist. Oliver has bigger worries: the climate emergency, corruption, nuclear war… As part of »Future Week« Olivier and Jeanne stand for election as the school’s speaker. No one else seems at all interested in this election – until Max enters the race, making only one promise: pizza for everyone!

In The Weight of Ants, Canadian playwright David Paquet has written an angry comedy with a furious tempo set in an chaotic world, where young people are given neither a sense of direction nor any right to have their own say.

Das Gewicht der Ameisen
22.05.20, 19:00 - 20:15
Junges Schauspiel, Münsterstraße 446
24.05.20, 19:00 - 20:15
Junges Schauspiel, Münsterstraße 446
Christof Seeger-Zurmühlen
Stage and Costume Design:
Helen Yung, Simone Grieshaber
Lisa Conway
Frank Weigand
Juliane Hendes
Theatre pedagogy:
Thiemo Hackel
Ali Aykar, Selin Dörtkardeş, Paul Jumin Hoffmann, Noëmi Krausz
Co-Production: Theater der Welt Düsseldorf 2020 and Junges Schauspiel des Düsseldorfer Schauspielhauses

The project is part of Canada's cultural programme related to Canada`s Guest of Honour presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2020 and is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Government of Canada with additional support from the Government of Quebec.