Jordan Tannahill

Is My Microphone On?

Canada, Germany

World premiere
Right now children around the world are raising their voices, staging school strikes on Fridays for a future where one thing is certain: it belongs to them! Based on numerous conversations about art and protest, about rationality, growth, the climate and responsibility, Canadian author Jordan Tannahill has written a powerful text for young voices. These address the older generation in a manner that is necessary, touching and controversial: not only protesting, but also offering the possibility of sharing our experience of the world. A group of Düsseldorfers aged between 12 and 17 will turn the theatre into a shared space where these young people try to speak to adults through an artistic experience. Is My Microphone On? is both a call to arms and a declaration of love.

Jordan Tannahill:
Is my Mic on?
17.05.20, 19:00 - 20:00
Central, Kleine Bühne
18.05.20, 19:00 - 20:00
Central, Kleine Bühne
Jordan Tannahill
Erin Brubacher
Composition and musical direction:
Veda Hille
Movement und Co-Director:
Cara Spooner
Stage Design:
Sherri Hay
Light Design:
Kaitlin Hickey
Assistance to the director:
Sven Fritzsche, Solène Schlachter
Kirstin Hess
Frank Weigand
Nika Andabaka, Luzia Berns, Frida Beucker, Lucy Brouwers, Paula Darius, Konrad El Gendi, Elina Fiebig, Isoken Iyahen, Friederike Jacobs, Lea Markgraf, Eleni Melikidou, Emir Özdemir, Matilda Podlinski, Maja Pindek Rabrenović, Jakob Schiefer, Tobi Valder, Milan Viebeg, Michelle Wischnepolski
Koproduktion: Theater der Welt Düsseldorf 2020, Bürgerbühne und Junges Schauspiel des Düsseldorfer Schauspielhauses

Das Projekt ist Teil von Kanadas Kulturprogramm als Ehrengast der Frankfurter Buchmesse 2020. Es wird unterstützt durch das Canada Council for the Arts und die Regierung von Kanada.

Mit besonderer Unterstützung der NRW.BANK