Ricardo Curaqueo Curiche


Malen was awarded the Chilean critics’ prize as Best Dance Performance in 2019. It is performed by 17 Mapuche women whose ages range from twelve to seventy. For centuries the Mapuche people has been colonised and oppressed, and to this day many Mapuche live in poverty and are regarded as second class citizens.

In Malen the traditions and lore of the Mapuche are presented with pride and passed on to the generations to come. The women on stage demand their right to equality. They use dance, movement and their bodies to express this and to liberate themselves from the margins of society. They tell us what it means to be Mapuche. They ask each other what it means to be a woman, to be a different age, and offer insights into their everyday lives as students, actors, dancers, weavers and teachers. 

Ricardo Curaqueo Curiche:
18.05.20, 19:30 - 20:30
Schauspielhaus, Große Bühne
19.05.20, 20:30 - 21:30
Landtag NRW, Wandelhalle
Ricardo Curaqueo Curiche
Karen Carreño Rivera
Art Director:
Deysi Cruz Vásquez
Light Design:
Francisco Herrera Estay
Joaquín Montecinos Ortiz
Constanza Díaz Alfaro, Elsa Quinchaleo Avendaño, Catalina Fernández Amado, Belén Alvarez Belmar, Nathalie Moris Caniulef, Yasmín Millán Castro, Vanessa Curihuinca Coche, Rosa Jiménez Cornejo, Ayelen Curaqueo Curiche, Agata Espinoza Fontana, Javiera Vallejos Huenuqueo, Danitza Segura Licanqueo, Norma Hueche Nahuel, Florencia Neira Oros, Karina Díaz Osorio, Sonia Orobia Retamales, María Paz Silva Romero
Production: Lisette Schwerter Vera