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Mission: Freedom

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Artistic freedom is one of the core basic rights in the European Union. The freedom to devise a creative artwork, to process artists’ experiences, lives and viewpoints are fundamental pillars of how we understand each other within society. However, this freedom is under increasing threat worldwide, including in EU states: there is evidence for this in the public protests in Hungary against a culture law intended to »guarantee strategic control of cultural sectors by the government.«

In Flanders one of the most radical budget cuts in decades has been announced, putting an end to a cultural landscape that was considered exemplary for the whole of Europe. And in Poland there have been relentless (and successful) attempts to stop controversial theatre productions.

All this is happening now – in our own time, before our eyes. The festival Theater der Welt 2021 has invited artists, producers and representatives of educational and cultural institutions from the region of Flanders and from Hungary and Poland to come and talk and asks them: How can a shared public (legal) space be constructed in which art and culture can evolve freely?
Public talk with:

  • Luk Perceval (Director, former art director theatre Het Toneelhuis, Antwerp)

  • Bartosz Szydłowski (Director, art director theatre Łaźnia Nowa, Cracow)

  • Tamara Török (Dramaturg, Budapest)

  • László Upor (Dramaturg, translation, former vice-rector university for theatre and film arts, Budapest)


  • Matthias Pees (Art director Mousonturm, Frankfurt a. M.)

Video on demand

Online 29.06.2021, 19:30 – 04.07.2021, 23:59

Public Talk:
Mission: Freedom
29.06.21, 19:30
Video on demand

Online 29.06.2021, 19:30 – 04.07.2021, 23:59.