Venezuela Ritmo

Venezuelan sound archives

Venezuela, Germany
Talk, Presentation, Video: Carolina Lares Jaffé
Moderation: Stefan Schneider
Concert: Manuel Rangel

Oswaldo Lares, architect from Caracas, began to systematically document Venezuelan folk music in the late 1960s and in over three decades put together the most extensive sound and video collection that has ever been compiled in Venezuela. The main focus of his research were the influences of African music on the musical cultures in Venezuela. His sons and daughter are now involved in the publication and dissemination of this unique work, and collaborate with young artists around the world. In the second part of the evening, Manuel Rangel plays a live concert called Maraca Fusion. The classical guitarist was awarded the prize for the best maracas player at the Festival de la musica llanera »El Silbón De Oro« in Venezuela. Manuel Rangel was a guest musician for the recording Pa ’Fuera of the C4 Trío, which was nominated for the Grammy Awards 2020. The presentation is a collaboration between Archivo Lares and Kitiplas. 

Venezuela Ritmo
21.06.21, 20:00
Schauspielhaus, Foyer