Samara Hersch, Lara Thoms

We All Know Whatʼs

Nauru is a tiny tropical paradise lined with palm trees. Against this idyllic background seven young performers aged between 12 and 17 tell the island’s story from its custodianship by indigenous people to colonisation, the over-extraction of phosphates and the mismanagement that followed.

Australian theatremakers Samara Hersch and Lara Thoms have created an evening of theatre that has all the hallmarks of a school play – well-behaved children, cute costumes, home-made props – but misses out none of the historical facts. It was devised in response to the inhuman conditions of the refugee camps on Nauru that Australia pays for. We All Know What’s Happening allows young people who cannot vote yet to stand up against political power in support of children’s rights and a fairer future.

Samara Hersch, Lara Thoms:
We All Know What's
20.05.20, 19:00 - 20:00
Junges Schauspiel, Münsterstraße 446
Prices: 9,00 €
21.05.20, 16:00 - 17:00
Junges Schauspiel, Münsterstraße 446
Prices: 9,00 €
Concept and Director:
Samara Hersch, Lara Thoms
Composition and Sound:
Marco Cher-Gibard
Grace Ferguson
Light Design:
Jen Hector
Stage Design:
Romanie Harper, Lara Thoms
Stage Manager:
Cassandra Fumi
Production Manager:
Katie Sfetkidis
Theo Boltman, Tove Due, Venu Elisaia, Lazar Feldman, Allegra Di Lallo, Finn Owen, Casper Plum
Mit Unterstützung durch: Arts House, Australia Council for the Arts, Culture Lab, City of Melbourne, Creative Victoria und Save the Children